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A Starcraft:Broodwar clan

This page holds the maps of the Pirates.

If you have a map that you want posted, but don't know how to?
Send it to us:
Make sure you include: B.Net User name(if applicable),  number of recommended players, and maybe even a minimap.
But we request that you send the map in .zip format.
We know this is kind of annoying, but it saves us from making unwanted mistakes about your map.
This will also let others about the map before they download. Thanks!

Psychoward66 - New: Bunch of new maps
Will be finished as soon as I sort through the html.
Map Name Creators Name Players Minimap Other info
Halls Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: Put 8 mice onto a football field with about 60 pieces of cheese to fight over and that's about this map. It's just huge
New Forge BattleGrounds Psychoward66 2-4 Other info: Just another good map
Bloodbath2003 Psychoward66 2-6 Other info: Can be played as a typical BloodBath or Island map
DroneWars Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: Started as a joke. Can be played as UMS but its not all done yet. As a UMS you only get worker units. Great fun lol
Deadly Alliance Psychoward66 2-4 Other info: Can be played as UMS but its not all done yet.
Darkness Psychoward66 2-4 Other info: An interesting map.
SnowMongrel Psychoward66 2-4 Other info: This is my newest complete map. It has only one real way in, but it has 1 choke point and 2 raps before it f.y.i.
DiamondBack Psychoward66 2-4 Other info: This was one is a few years old. The resource count is a little high but you still need to expand to even survive.
Chamber Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: Just a simple map. 8 bases dug into the ground, each player within their own chamber. Resource count is high
ChamberII Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: same as above only has a second set of resources if someone gets nailed and hides with their ally.
ChamberHall Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: This map is rather large with many places to expand to. Be ready to start hunting when their are fewer than 4 players on this map. Resource count is high
Home Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: Guard your back. Resource count is high.
PirateHunters Psychoward66 2-8 Other info: This was an interesting little map I came up with a while back. No point to it really. Resource count is high here too.

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