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Full name: Andy William Arends


Nicknames: And, Bones, Ang, Arends, Dandy


Birthday: March 12, 1983


Birthplace: Hampton, Iowa


Gender: Let’s think about this one shall we?


Height: Last time I checked 5”7’


Eye: Brown


Hair: “Dishwater” blonde


School: Hamilton College


Grade: Second year


Zodiac sign: STOP :-p Pisces


Shoe size: 10


Hobbies: Oh here we go..RUNNING, reading, computers(networking, programming, gaming) EQ WINDOW


Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Negative Ghostwriter


If you could go out with anyone in the world who would it be: That’s a toughie.


Do you drive: Yep


When and who was your first crush: Oh boy…it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


Biggest turn-on: Wet hair


Biggest turn-off: stuck-up and rude people


Ideal girl/guy: Funny, smart, pretty, knows when to have fun and when to be serious


Thing you regretted doing after you had done it: I’ve got a lot of these..but some of them may be more of a “learning experience” than a regret


Last person you talked to on the phone: REA_TEEN!


TV show you wish that they would re-air: G.I. JOE


You want to be (job): Computer repair man man man man


Dream car: Dodge Viper RT10 RED


Marriage: Sure, why not ;-)


Kids: *shrug*


Future son's name: Andy Jr. :-p


Future daughter's name: Alexandria


Honeymoon: A PARIS


~~~~~~~THE FAVORITES SIDE~~~~~~~


Flower: A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet


Food: Fedicchini Alfredo with PEPPERY chicken


Drink: Green Squall Powerade


TV show: Who’s Line is it anyway, Beat the Geeks, Jeopardy


CD: Um, I listen to MP3s :-p


Favorite Song: “Affirmation” by Savage Garden, “In the Light” by DC Talks, “Before there was Time” by Caedmon’s Call


Band/group: ?


Rapper: ?


Actress&Actor: Sean Connery & Sandra Bullock


Color: Blue


Day of the week: MONDAY


Month: hmm, never really liked ANY month better than the others.


Holiday: Christmas


Number: /ran 1 100


Ice-cream: Chocolate


Candy bar: Hershey’s Chocolate


Channels: Um, don’t have TV YET


Radio Station: 106.9, or 88.5


Type of music: Alternative, Pop/Rock, Christian


Sport: GR82RUN


Favorite Team: H-D BULLDOGS


Jazz Hangout:




Peanut better or Jelly: Jelly


Coke or Pepsi: Sprite :D




Apples or Oranges: Apples


Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate (ACK I hate Vanilla)


Flowers or Candy: Candy


Comedy or Horror: COMEDY all the way


Book or Magazine: Book


TV or Radio: TV


Computer or Phone: COMPUTER


Do you believe in Angels: Yep


Aliens: no


Heaven & Hell: Yes


God: Most definitely


Love: Yeppers


Fate: This is a toss up.  I like to have “control” of my life…but I know I shouldn’t.  The problem with this is…I could believe that I’m pre-destined to do something, or I must choose…but even if I “DO” choose what I do, what if fate know? It’s CRAZY.




Been on a plane: Yep


Cried in public: Not to my immediate knowledge


Climbed a tree: a million times


Fell asleep in a movie: Um, at the theatre? no


Cried for a stupid reason: Probably


Met a celebrity: nope


Met the president: nope


Gotten shot: what kind of shot? Novocain? :-p


Gotten a cavity: yeah


Said, "I love you", and meant it: Yes


Made prank calls: Once or twice


Skipped school: Yeah


Loved someone so much it made you cry: Yes


Have you ever smoked: negative ghostwriter




Bill Clinton: Monica


Dreams: Better than fantasies, because dreams can come true.


Love: the second most-powerful thing in the universe.


Boy Bands: There isn’t really anything *wrong* with them IMHO.




Cat/Dog: Doggie


Pen/Pencil: Pencil


Ear/Eye: Eye


Rich and unhappy/poor and happy: poor and happy


Tall/Short: Medium




Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope


Do you sleep with one pillow or two: two


Cotton or Feather: …cotton I think


Last CD you bought: Oh wow, um…honestly I don’t think I’ve EVER bought a music CD


What does your screen name mean?: I already told you that story.


Who do you admire: I really don’t know.


Right or Left handed: RIGHTY TIGHTY :D


What's on your mouse pad? Continental Western Insurance Company – Des Moines, Iowa”


What's under your bed? NOTHING


What is your future career: computer repair man man man


Do you like the person that sent you this survey: ah, she’s okay. :-p YES I do :D


Favorite quotations:

~“The secret of life isn’t what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you”

                            – Vincent Pearl

~”We are all born wet, naked and hungry; then things get worse.” – Anonymous

~”Is it so small a thing; to have enjoy’d the sun, to have lived the light in the spring, to have loved, to have thought, to have done?” – Matthew Arnold




Any other Comments: YER MOM :-p