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Pirates of Auir
A Starcraft:Broodwar clan


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Replay Name Map Name Players in it?
asskicked ? ???
Josh-k vs. Thisguy vs. Psychoward66 ChamberHall Psychoward66, Thisguy, and Josh-k
Comeback from HELL (aka: Who's the bitch now) Halls Smiley, Psy, "Fuzz" and 3 comps
Comeback from HELL2 $$$ BGH Pitbull Style X $$$ Smiley, Psy, Josh-k, "Fuzz" and some comps?
Just a good Snowmongrel game. Snoemongrel Psychoward66 Josh-k and 2 comps
Josh-k vs "Fuzz" with Psy as a spectaor Lost Tempel Josh-k, Psy, and "Fuzz"