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Pirates of Auir
A Starcraft:Broodwar clan


    Welcome to the Pirates of Auir member's only page.  This is the page where we will keep links to our playbacks and our initiation map.  The password for this page will change once a week, AND the location will also change.  Do not worry, we will keep you posted on the password, and as always DO NOT share this password with others or you WILL be banned.  You have been warned!

-=- 12 - 21 - 2002 -=-

Psychoward66: Just added some cool little features to the page. Let me know what you think. :D

-=- 07 - 20 - 2002 -=-

Psychoward66: Just added a new background to all of the pages in the members only section.   Also will be adding a few new maps. Such as... well I'll find some. Also, PLEASE send us your screen pics of cool things if you have them. It's still looking empty in that section. Till next time... Later

-=- 2 - 6 - 2002 -=-

Andarius: I changed a few more things on the website, just to give it a little better look.  I made the top part here non-scrollable, just because you don't need it, and I also made it so you can't resize it.  Also turned off borders, so it looks like one continuous page when it's really not! :-) 

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